At RabbitBusters, our goal is to be able to provide an integrated control system for all rabbit problems.

To be most effective, rabbit control should be conducted in an integrated way, through adopting a range of complementary control strategies. Efforts should be concentrated on reducing the impact of rabbits, rather than focusing on killing rabbits in the short term.

Long term control involves an initial effort to:

Rabbits can be difficult to control and there are few methods that are inherently humane. However, it is possible to improve humaneness of a control program by ensuring that it is carried out at the most appropriate time and in accordance with the best practice.



  • Do not leave piles of old branches and rubbish lying around as these provide a haven for rabbits.
  • Don’t think one or two rabbits are ok, for every rabbit you see there are generally more around, and numbers can quickly get out of control.
  • Remember that having rabbits around will draw in other predators such as foxes and cats who will quickly decide that your chickens and lambs are much easier meal tickets, so do something now rather than later


Methods of Control


Working dogs

Working Dogs - RabbitBusters Ballarat

Our dogs are an integral part of our operation and they are highly trained in the rabbit field and are started at a very young age.


Ferreting - RabbitBusters Ballarat

Ferreting has many good points and is an important aspect to be included as part of an integrated plan of attack.


Fumigation - RabbitBusters Ballarat

Fumigation and Warren Destruction are methods that often go hand in hand for the best results.

Rabbit Proof Fencing

Rabbit Proof Fencing - RabbitBusters Ballarat

Rabbit proof fencing is a one-off operation and should last for up to 20 years where maintenance is adequate.

Long Netting

Long Netting - RabbitBusters Ballarat

Long Netting is a highly efficient and effective means of humanely taking of large numbers of rabbits.

Night Netting & Thermal

Thermal Imaging - RabbitBusters Ballarat

Night Netting is a very effective way to catch large numbers of rabbits with little or no disturbance to the surrounding area.

GPS Mapping

GPS Mapping - RabbitBusters Ballarat

Used in conjuction with most other methods this lets us monitor the rabbit activity by recording location & size of rabbit warrens.

Other Pests

Fox - RabbitBusters Ballarat

Other Pests that RabbitBusters can help to control including Foxes, Cats and Hares

RabbitBusters... Providing an integrated control system for all rabbit problems.